You all know that happy feeling when you come home after work and your dog is there waiting for you.
How about the gentle nudge of a wet nose against your leg when he is hungry or just wants affection?
The list is endless why you love them so. Before you know it they fill every day with their presence just as the camera roll on your phone.

Can you relate? Offcourse you can.

Nice to meet you, Hooman!

We're Bart and Steffi, the founders of MyHooman. But especially the dog mom and dad of our 2 furchilds: Dobby & Lyra.

As dog mom & dad, we know like no other that your dog isn't just a "pet" but simply a part of the family.

They may be the furriest family member you have (god I hope so) but they definitely earn the same love & care.

Because we failed to find a store that could offer products that match the BIG personality of these two, we took matters into our own hands.

We didn't start a webshop for "owners" or "pets" but a safe haven for furchilds and their Hoomans.

Our mission?

Not only to make your dog feel good, but make them look good too!


By highlighting your special bond & their BIG personalities. You heard right... Anything but basic.


It’s time to accessorize.

Meet our Family

Dobby the Diva

Italian Grey
Sassy, Classy and Tiny
Born 14/06/2017

Lyra the Whirlwind

Gaglo Mix - English Pointer
Our Spanish whirlwind
Running free beyond the rainbow

Lupin the gentle giant

Irish Grey
The Gentle Giant
Running free beyond the rainbow

Contact us

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